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Heavyweight! Dongfang Wind Power's 18.X MW offshore permanent magnet semi direct drive wind turbine has passed back-to-back type testing

Mar,22,2024 << Return list

Recently, the 18.X MW offshore permanent magnet semi direct drive wind turbine jointly developed by Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. and Dongfang Electric Motor Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the back-to-back type test. This generator is the latest generation of large-scale offshore semi direct drive permanent magnet synchronous generator jointly developed by Dongfang Wind Power and Dongfang Electric Motor, fully leveraging their respective advantages.


The 8. X MW offshore permanent magnet semi direct drive wind turbine integrates the design of the generator, electrical components, and gearbox transmission chain. It adopts advanced multi-objective optimization electromagnetic design technology and generator transmission chain electromechanical coupling dynamic analysis technology, carries out multidisciplinary joint design simulation, overcomes multiple technical problems such as electromagnetic, structural, and cooling, and has been successfully developed for six months. It has excellent electrical performance, low vibration, low noise, low harmonics, and uniform temperature rise. It is matched with Dongfang Wind Power's offshore semi direct drive high-power unit, achieving high unit efficiency, strong reliability, and low maintenance costs.


Dongfang Wind Power offshore high-power units fully consider the harsh environment of offshore wind power.The electromagnetic design of the unit uses high-quality high-coercivity permanent magnets to accurately control the operating temperature of the magnets, resist system short-circuit impact, and prevent irreversible loss of magnetism.At the same time, risks in the electromechanical coupling vibration of the system are identified, and suppression measures are proposed to reduce the coupled vibration of the generator and transmission chain within a wide operating range and improve the overall reliability of the unit.


The 18. X MW offshore permanent magnet semi direct drive wind turbine is the latest achievement of Dongfang Wind Power in adhering to innovation driven development and implementing the "technology leading strategy". Dongfang Wind Power established a generator development team in 2023, focusing on the forefront of market technology, optimizing and promoting motor technology innovation, accelerating model iteration, promoting collaborative design of generators, transmission chains, and electrical components. The team has successfully developed onshore 7. X MW platform models and offshore 18. X MW models, achieving a leapfrog upgrade in collaborative research and development capabilities for core components of the entire machine.


Relying on decades of experience in large-scale power generation equipment development and profound technological deposits, Dongfang Electric has always focused on technological innovation of large-scale offshore wind turbines since it successfully led China's offshore wind power into the 10 MW era in 2019, committed to providing more progressiveness and reliable full life cycle solutions for the global market, and achieving the second place in the country's offshore market share in 2023. The successful development of an 18. X MW offshore permanent magnet semi direct drive wind turbine provides strong support for Dongfang Electric's comprehensive layout in the far-reaching offshore wind power market.