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18MW offshore wind power full power test platform officially put into operation

Mar,22,2024 << Return list

On March 13, CSSC Marine Equipment successfully launched an 18MW offshore wind turbine electric transmission system research and development test platform at its Shandong base, marking the formal operation of the National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center test center and providing high-quality development of offshore wind power in my country. It provides strong support for the efficient and stable operation of large-megawatt units and fully demonstrates the outstanding strength of CSSC Marine Engineering in developing new productivity.


At this year’s National Two Sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the primary task of high-quality development and pointed out the need to develop new productive forces according to local conditions.The characteristic of new quality productivity is innovation, the key lies in quality improvement, and its essence is advanced productivity.Against the background of the rapid development of offshore wind power, CSSC Offshore Engineering actively responded to the national call and took a series of forward-looking measures to address the quality, safety and reliability challenges of large offshore wind turbines to create more "hardware" that will lead the development of new productivity. science and technology".


Faced with problems such as the high value of a single unit of large-scale offshore wind power main engines, harsh operating environment, long running time, poor accessibility of operation and maintenance, and high maintenance costs, CSSC Offshore Equipment Co., Ltd. made plans in advance, pioneered and innovated, and built a large-scale offshore wind power intelligent assembly in Dongying, Shandong production base, and relying on the National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center to build a Shandong test center.After unremitting efforts, a full-power test platform for the electric transmission system of an 18MW offshore wind turbine was successfully developed, which will effectively improve the quality of the complete wind turbine and electromechanical transmission system, and reduce the quality and safety risks of wind turbines.


As an important part of the test center of the National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center, the 18MW offshore wind turbine electric transmission system full power test platform has powerful online monitoring and detection capabilities.The platform is equipped with hundreds of sensing measurement points including power, vibration, rotation speed, temperature, and noise, and can realize full-power grid-connected testing, temperature rise testing, vibration testing, etc. of the electromechanical transmission system of 18MW large wind turbines.At the same time, the platform can verify the matching performance and overall system performance of key components such as transmission systems, generators, and converters of medium-speed and high-speed offshore wind turbines, and fully meet the application of new technologies such as large-scale, lightweight, and integrated offshore wind power. Current reliability, security, and stability verification requirements.


It is worth mentioning that the experimental platform is integrated with the production line of large offshore wind turbines, which can not only meet the needs of batch product factory testing, but also meet the needs of product technology research and development. It eliminates the gap between the laboratory and the factory, allowing the production and testing of the units to be completed in the same factory, greatly improving the output efficiency and quality of the units.


In addition, in order to cope with the future development trend of offshore wind power, this test platform also fully considers the future upgrade space and can be expanded to electromechanical transmission system testing and complete machine testing of 30MW offshore wind turbines. This design not only provides technology for large-scale units It has laid a solid foundation for progress and sustainable development, and further increased power generation while ensuring the safety and reliability of the units, creating more power generation benefits for customers.


Looking forward to the future, CSSC Offshore will continue to make full use of the advantages of scientific research platforms such as the National Offshore Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center Test Center as well as the resource advantages and synergy advantages of the entire wind power industry chain by promoting quality and moving towards the "new". .Through continuous scientific and technological innovation, we will cultivate new momentum, create new advantages, and develop new productivity. We will continue to move forward on the road of improving product quality and ensuring energy security, and contribute more to the high-quality development of my country's wind power industry.