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Huadian's 200,000-kilowatt new energy hydrogen production demonstration project is put into operation!

Mar,22,2024 << Return list

Recently, as balls of hydrogen were filled into hydrogen transport trucks, the 200,000-kilowatt new energy hydrogen production demonstration project in Damao Banner, Baotou City, Huadian, Inner Mongolia, which was surveyed and designed by China Energy Engineering Guangdong Institute, successfully produced hydrogen and completed filling. Hydrogen purity exceeds 99.999%!


This project is one of the first large-scale renewable energy green hydrogen production demonstration projects in the country and one of the first seven wind-solar hydrogen production demonstration projects in Inner Mongolia.The project is located in the Barun Steel Rare Earth Raw Materials Processing Park and its northern area in Damao Banner, Baotou City. It will build a total of 120,000 kilowatts of wind power, 80,000 kilowatts of photovoltaics, 20,000 kilowatt hours of electrochemical energy storage, and 12,000 standard cubic meters/hour of hydrogen production through electrolysis of water. , achieving 100% green electricity hydrogen production.


Among them, the hydrogen production equipment adopts the country&#39;s leading large-capacity alkaline electrolyzer and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology, including 11 sets of 1,000 Nm3/h alkaline electrolyzer hydrogen production equipment and 5 sets of 200 Nm3/h PEM hydrogen production equipment.


The project adopts the integrated technology coupling method of "wind, photovoltaic and hydrogen storage". The green electricity generated by wind turbines and photovoltaic modules is sent to the hydrogen production station, where water is electrolyzed to obtain hydrogen.The project will produce 7,800 tons of green hydrogen per year, which can meet the needs of approximately 1,000 fuel cell heavy-duty trucks, effectively promote the large-scale development of the green hydrogen industry, and provide a replicable and reproducible green hydrogen supply system for my country to build a zero-carbon, low-cost, safe and reliable green hydrogen supply system. Demonstration cases for promotion.