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Another complete set of self-developed 10.x/230 onshore wind turbines has been lifted!

Mar,22,2024 << Return list

Recently, Huarui Wind Power's independently developed 10.x/230 onshore wind turbine was successfully lifted at the Zhangbei Test Base of the China Electric Power Research Institute.


This model adopts a 10MW onshore high-power wind turbine product platform, with power levels ranging from 8 to 11.5 MW, and an impeller diameter of 230 to 250 meters. It continues Sinovel Wind Power’s mature double-fed technology route, with high reliability With safety, high intelligence, and high yield as the core of the design, it can fully adapt to the harsh environment of the three north areas with medium and high wind speeds and desert desert scenes, achieving another breakthrough from independent research and development design to grid-connected power generation.Sinovel Wind Power has always taken improving its core competitiveness as its mission, worked hard to achieve world-class standards on the road of technological innovation!